Play List / Nude Restaurant2011年12月31日

 年末の神戸、ジャズ喫茶JAM JAMさんで開催された、60'sのDJイヴェント=ヌードレストラン、オールナイター。本当に素晴らしい環境の中のDJ。二度の出番があり、一度目は相当緊張しましたが、二度目は多少周りを見る余裕も出来て楽しめました。

1st setは西海岸、シカゴを中心にアッサリ、サッパリなサウンド。
2nd setは東海岸、デトロイトを中心にコッテリ、シツコイサウンド。ある意味、このシツコサは私のDJスタイルの真骨頂?


Nude Restaurant All-Nighter @Jam Jam, Kobe-city / Dec 17th 2011

1st set
The Oracles / I ain't got time (OM)
The Majestics / (I love her so much) It hurts me (Linda)
Gloria & The T - Aira's / I 'm satisfied (Betty)
The Invitations / Skiing in the snow (Dyno Voice)
Calvin Grayson / Love just begun (IN)
Shawn Robinson / My dear heart (Minit)
The Inspirations / Your wish is my command (Midas)
The Invaders / The best is yet to come (Brewtown)
The Fabulous Jades / Come on and live (Rika)
Vernon Greene / Look at me, Look me (Minit)
Lou Ragland / I travel alone (AMY)
The Natural Four / Hanging on to a lie (Boola - Boola)

2nd set
Jackey Beavers / Love that never grows old (Revilot)
Mikki Farrow / Could it be (Karate)
The Spidells / If it ain't one thing (it's another) (Coral)
The Corletts / I'm getting tired (Capitol)
The Valentinos / Sweeter than the day before (Chess)
The Jades / I'm where it's at (Nite Life)
Elsie Strong / You cut the love line (Empire)
The Moments / "Baby" I want you (Hog)
Marke Jackson / I'll never forget you (Jamie)
Yvonne Baker / You didn't say a word (Parkway)
Al Williams / I'm nothing (Palmer)
The Curtis Liggins Indications / What it is ? (Kaycee - Soul)