Play List / The In Crowd2009年07月19日

the in crowd
play list / the in crowd ~northern soul all nighter~ (July 18-19 2009@Champergne House - Roppongi Tokyo Japan)

doni burdick / bari track (sound impression)
bobby treetop / wait till i get to know ya (tuff)
the dramatics / all because of you (sport)
the marvellos / something's burnin' (loma)
calvin grayson / love just begun (in)
the adventures / easy baby (compass)
lorraine chandler / i can't hold on (rca)
the charades / the key to my happiness (mgm)
major lance / you don't want me no more (okeh)
dee dee sharp / what kind of lady (gamble)
the four perfections / i'm not strong enough (party time)
marke jackson / i'll never forget you (jamie)
yvonne baker / you didn't say a word (parkway)
frank beverly & the butlers / if that's what you wanted(sassy)
john leach / put that woman down (lawn)
de-lites / lover (cuppy)
gene woodbury / it's only you (del-val)
the yum yums / gonna be a big thing (abc)
john bowie / you're gonna miss a good thing (merben)
moses smith / the girl across the street (dionn)
pat & the blenders / (all i need is your) good, good lovin'
(fast eddie)
the temptones / girl i love you (arctic)
norwood long / i'd like to have you (groovy grooves)
lynne randell / stranger in my arms (epic)
e. rodney jones / peace of mind (tuff)
lenny curtis / nothing can help you now (end)
otis smith / let her go (perception)
the determinations / you can't hold on to love (important)
eddie foster / i never knew (in)
patrice holloway / stolen hours (capitol)
the epitome of sound / you don't love me (sandbag)
dena barnes / if you ever walk out of my life (inferno)
the majestics / (i love her so much) it hurts me (linda)
richard temple / that beatin' rhtythm (mirwood)
ike & tina turner / somebody needs you (loma)
larry atkins / ain't that love enough (highland)
the glories / i worship you baby (date)
johnny wyatt / this thing called love (bronco)
len jewell / bettin' on love (fontana)
the wooden nickels / nobody but you (omen)
the van dykes / save my love for a rainy day (mala)
the high keys / living a lie (verve)
sandra phillips / world without sunshine (broadway)
tobi lark / happiness is here (topper)
the mandells / i just can't win (moneytown)
the inspiratons / your wish is my command (midas)
the invaders / the best is yet to come (brewtown)
ernest mosley / stubborn heart (la-cindy)
wade flemons / two of a kind (ramsel)
porgy and the monarchs / my heart cries for you (musicor)
the flirtations / stronger than her love (festival)
elsie strong / you cut the love line (empire)


_ soulhonpo ― 2009年07月20日 20時19分24秒


_ maruko ― 2009年07月20日 21時45分42秒

ウォームアップ等で回したレコードも合わせると60枚くらいでしょうか? ノーザンは、1曲1曲短いですからしょうがないですね。確かにいじらないと気になるレコードが多かったですね。特にデトロイトものは鳴らすのに調整が必要かなと思いました。思い込みだけかもしれませんが:-)


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