Play List / Nude Restaurant2011年05月29日

Nude Restaurant (Northern Soul Event @Kobe City Japan on 28th/May/2011)

1st set;

Bob and Fred / I'll be on my way (Big Mack)
Kenny Wells / Isn't it just a shame (New Voice)
Sammy Campbell / I never thought (I'd find anybody like you) (Queen City)
Moses Dillard and the dynamic showmen / Pretty as a picture (Mark V)
Towana & the total destruction / Help me get that feelin' back again (Romark)
Duke Browner / Crying over you (vocal) (Impact)
Jock Mitchell / Not a chance in a million (Impact)
Dena Barnes / If you walk out of my life (Inferno)
Rose Batiste / I miss my baby (Revilot)
Billy Kennedy / This is a groovy generation (Thelma)
Paul Sindab / You dropped a candy in the sand (Hype)
The "Q" / That's the way (Hound)

2nd set;

The Natural Four / I thought you were mine (Boola Boola)
Cookie Scott & the chevelles / I don't care (Orr)
Ruby / Feminine Ingenuity (Gold Token)
The Hyperions / Why you wanna treat me the way you do (Chattahoochee)
Earnie Marbray / Ain't Nobody's Business (Wee)
Calvin Grayson / Love Just Begun (In)
Eddie Foster / I never knew (In)
Richard Temple / That beatin' rhythm (Mirwood)
Larry Atkins / Lighten up (Highland)
Al Williams / I am nothing (Palmer)
Willie Tee / I'm having so much fun (Gatur)
Houston Outlaws / Ain't no telling (Westbound)



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